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Cooking Tips

Baffled by how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon or about cooking temperatures for meat and poultry? With our new kitchen reference guides, you'll be able to solve common culinary quandaries such as these, and more. Remember to bookmark them for quick reference!

General kitchen Tips
A collection of kitchen safety tips, from preventing burns to proper knife handling.

Cooking Her A Special Dinner
There are many things that we can do for our girlfriends or wives that will make them feel like a million dollars. One of them is cooking them a great gourmet dinner either for a special occasion or out of the blue. Cooking a special dinner for her is a great way to maker her feel great especially at the end of a hard week. Here are some tips on preparing the perfect meal.

Tips for Cookie baking
When deciding to bake cookies, a lot of questions come to mind. How to use baking powder. What is corn starch? What do I have to do if I don't find some ingredients? Etc. In this article I will approach a few problems and give some easy answers and tips.

Cooking Indian Food at Home
If you read my article, Curry - A Journey, published on the Curry page of this site, you'll know that my first experiences of the dish were of the generic variety which the British invariably cooked and ate when living abroad a few decades ago. You'll also know that I then discovered "real" Indian cookery and decided that as I couldn't afford to eat out that much, I needed to learn how to cook the stuff myself.

Prepare Paella Like A Pro
Preparing paella is an interesting endeavour for any cook. This dish does not really have a set list of ingredients but is mostly a combination of different meats and vegetables. In fact, the The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, refers to paella as a saffron-flavored dish made with varying combinations of rice, vegetables, meat, chicken and seafood.

Kid Recipes : How to teach children to cook
First of all, think safety. Any child that has to stand on a stool or chair in order to reach the stove is too young to cook. Start younger children off by letting them help set and clear the table, gathering ingredients, and stirring, mixing or adding ingredients.

Top Ten Safety Tips
Recommendations from our experts in Food Network Kitchens.

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