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Top Ten Safety Tips

While cooking can be satisfying and enjoyable, it can also be disastrous if safety is not observed. Check our tips for kitchen safety and remember to always be aware, especially when children are helping out.

1. Avoid leaving food that is cooking unattended for a long period of time, if at all. If using a timer, have it with you at all times to remind you that you have something brewing in the kitchen.

2. Turn handles of pots and pans inward and not sticking out.

3. Avoid reaching over the stovetop when cooking and watch your sleeves.

4. Keep curtains, potholders, towels, and any other combustibles away from cooking areas.

5. Do not put knives or other sharp objects into a full sink. Someone could reach in and accidentally get hurt.

6. When processing hot liquids in a blender (such as sauces and soups), make sure the blender's lid is back on, then cover the lid with a towel and your hand, before proceeding to blend. Also, do not fill the blender more than half-way.

7. Launder your dishtowels and sponges frequently to get rid of bacteria or simply replace often.

8. Keep children and pets away from appliances when cooking.

9. Keep appliance cords as short as possible to avoid accidents such as tripping or knocking
the appliance over.

10. Have a small fire extinguisher and a first aid kit readily accessible. Also make sure that
smoke detectors are placed throughout your house.

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