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Vegetable Recipes for Children

Vegetables might be one of the best ways to get vital vitamins and minerals into your family's diet but how many times have you told you children to eat their vegetables? Probably quite a few. Almost all children seem to have an aversion to vegetables. They will kick up a fuss, cry, and push the vegetables around their plate. So which vegetable recipes work? The key is to find an interesting, creative way in which to prepare vegetables and your family is bound to love them! If you think back, do you remember your mother dropping a soggy lump of broccoli on your plate and ordering you to eat it? Did it look appetizing? Probably not.

There are ways to make your children eat their vegetables. Broccoli, for example, is very high in both vitamins and minerals and there are various ways of preparing it. Good vegetable grill recipes usually turn out great and a lot of kids love these but what if that is not enough and your child still complains? Here are some tips: Raw - you can put a plateful of raw broccoli in bite size pieces in the refrigerator, arranged around a little dish of salad dressing. Children love to dip their food and serving it in this way is something new for them. Leave the tips of the broccoli on the plate and either encourage your child to eat some or make a game of it.

Grilled vegetable recipes are not the only way to prepare veggies. If all else fails, bribery often works. Tell your child that they will get a special treat if they finish their vegetables. Make sure you have a treat for them afterwards. Cheese - cheese naturally enhances the flavor of broccoli. When you add a cheese sauce, you are changing the flavor and adding texture.

You may find your children eating their vegetables before anything else. Lasagna and Pizza - you can add broccoli to lasagna and cover it in cheese and sauce. Your children might not even realize the dish contains broccoli. You could also use a vegetable pizza recipe to make a delicious and nutritious vegetable pizza. Kids think of lasagna and pizza as fun foods and will be more likely to eat them without a fuss and without questioning the contents. Try chopping it up.

You can pre-cook the broccoli, cook it for a few minutes, and put it in the food processor. You can then add it to whichever recipe you are preparing and the kids will not know it is in there. Shakes - make a milkshake using ice cream milk and a lot of chocolate syrup. Add the broccoli to the shake as you are blending it. The taste of the chocolate will hide the taste of the broccoli.

Just make sure that the ice cream that you use has chunks of something in it, that is not hard to find in grocery stores. There are so many ways that you can get your children to eat their vegetables. It is a very important part of their nutrition.

Believe vegetable pizza recipe have to be boring then you need to try some fresh off the grill! While your at it go a head and try some of our grilled vegetable recipes.

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