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Five Easy Ways to Cut Down on Fat in Your Diet

We have all heard on the news from time to time that too much fat in our diet is not healthy. Many doctors agree that fat can lead to an increased risk in heart disease and strokes. Many doctors urge a diet low in fat and cholesterol. Here are some easy tips of lowering your fat in your diet without lowering the taste.

Use chicken instead of red meat. Chicken can be substituted instead of red meat. Chicken can be grilled and roasted and people love the taste of chicken burgers, chicken fajitas and chicken casserole.

If you like the taste of butter, there are plenty of products that give you real buttery taste without the fat and calories. Many years ago, the butter imposters were horrible tasting, however, today you will find a great taste without the fat.

Pork loin is a great substitute in a lot of dishes. Pork is white meat just like chicken but extremely tasty and lean. Many people love the taste of pork and it can be used in a variety of dishes.

Cook with cooking spray instead of butter or lard. Most cooking sprays are extremely convenient, not only do they make food taste great; they cut down on the excessive oil that is needed to fry food.

Soy milk is a great alternative to cow's milk. Many people love the taste of soy milk and enjoy the added benefits of the vitamins and minerals in soy products. So if your trying to lower your fat intake, try these suggestions on for size, you will be impressed how food low in fat can taste.

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