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Hershey Valentine Rose

These Hershey Kiss roses can be made for any time of the year. Although they are perfect for Valentine's Day gifts, they're appreciated any day of the year! You can either give a single Hershey Kisses Rose or wrap them together by the dozen for your most special sweetheart. Supplies needed for each rose: 2 Hershey Kisses Pink or red cellophane wrapping paper Floral stems (with a leaf or two) Floral tape Directions: * Place the two Hershey's Kisses together, end to end, and hold in place. * Wrap the Kisses with cellophane from top to bottom, creating a rose like shape.

* Gather the cellophane together at the bottom of the rosebud, but before twisting the cellophane completely closed, add a pre-cut floral stem with the leaf close to the bud. * Wrap the bottom cellophane closed with floral tape, going around the stem and pulling it tight all the way down to the end. Have fun with Hersheys chocolate craft recipes Hershey's chocolate craft recipes are as much fun to make as they are to receive. HERSHEY'S HUGS & KISSES Chocolates Cards: What You'll Need Store bought cards Construction paper Scraps of ribbon, trims, lace, doilies, candy cups, etc.

Glue (low heat gun, non-toxic craft glue, glue stick or confectioners' glue) HERSHEY'S Kisses Brand Milk Chocolates and HERSHEY'S Hugs Chocolates Instructions Create sweet and original cards to carry your wishes. Decorate a homemade card, a computer generated card or even a store bought card with HERSHEY'S Hugs or Kisses chocolates and make your message even more personal. Use some of our ideas in the picture or create your own.

Completed craft is for decorative purpose only and candy should not be eaten. HERSHEY'S Pinwheel Party Favors: What You'll Need Construction paper Straws 6' lengths of 12 gauge floral wire HERSHEY'S KISSES Brand Chocolates Glue Ruler Pencil Scissors Instructions 1. Cut a 6' square out of the construction paper.

2. Place a ruler diagonally, corner to corner and draw a line. Repeat with the other two corners.

3. Cut each line beginning at the outside corner and ending within an inch of the center of the square. 4. One at a time, fold each corner to the center of the square and glue. When all four corners are glued you have formed the pinwheel. 5.

Glue the flat side of one chocolate to the center of the pinwheel. Buying Hershey Candy Wholesale: Milton S. Hershey may have started small, but the company that bears his name is anything but that. The name he gave to his company is synonymous with chocolate worldwide, with a long and storied history that is as much a part of popular culture as the famous bar itself. When you pay for that timeless Hershey bar at your local store and savor that first nostalgic bite, you don't give much thought to its arrival in your neighborhood. You also probably aren't thinking of the fact that your local storeowner had practically nothing to do with it.

Hershey products of all kinds are distributed and sold via one of the world's largest wholesale networks. It's bought in smaller lots as it moves through its channels on its way to you. One little part of one of these lots was sold to your local storeowner. Until recently, purchasing in larger lots than a single box containing several bars was not available to the general public.

The good news for you and any small organizations that may wish to purchase and resell the Hershey line is that, thanks in part to the Internet, you now can. You can find most of the Hershey candy line available wholesale online. Your organization, big or small, now has the option of contacting several distributors directly at considerable savings. It doesn not even matter if you only wish to order a fairly small amount.

Several wholesale dealers now accept smaller accounts online, sometimes with orders of as little as $50.00. The choice is entirely yours as you plan your next fundraiser.

Just wait until they taste that first bite!.

William Smith the author provides many more delicious chocolate recipes for you free at Hershey Valentine Rose (All is Free)

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