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Have You Ever Watched a Flame Thrower While Eating a Taco

Those who visit the Hotel Playa Mazatlan have the option of attending one of the longest running dinner shows in Mexico. The Fiesta Mexicana has been delighting guests of the Hotel Playa Mazatlan for nearly forty years. This night of food, drink and entertainment is a night of enjoyment that all who attend are sure to remember. Currently the Fiesta Mexicana takes place three nights a week at the Hotel Playa Mazatlan. Each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night the staff of the hotel delight the guests with this night of authentic food and entertainment.

The food is only part of the experience at Fiesta Mexicana but it is definitely a part that you shouldn't miss. Fiesta Mexicana would not be complete without the scrumptious buffet that offers a variety of authentic Mexican cuisine. Some of the savory dishes offered in this seemingly endless buffet include carne asada, pineapple tamales, cheese enchiladas and smoked marlin tostadas. The variety of mouth watering dishes available in the Fiesta Mexicana buffet makes it difficult to decide what to eat.

Luckily this buffet is available three nights of week so if you are staying for a few days you will likely have at least two opportunities to indulge in this feast. Besides the mouth watering buffet, the other great aspect of the Fiesta Mexicana is the entertainment. The entire family will delight in the entertainment that features folk music and dance from all over Mexico. Everyone enjoys the live music and dancing but that is not all that the Fiesta Mexicana has to offer in terms of entertainment. In addition you can also witness the classic Mexican hat dance and enjoy featured comedians and magicians.

The fire and machete dance is another crowd favorite as many are drawn to the intrigue that comes with the element of danger. Visitors to the Hotel Playa Mazatlan should be sure to partake in the famed Fiesta Mexicana. This night of food and entertainment has a forty year tradition that has delighted countless visitors. .

By: Shawn Bishop

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