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Garlic the ins and outs of Buying Slicing and Dicing

Buying Garlic * Buy firm, dry bulbs with papery skin. * Avoid wet, soft bulbs. * Avoid bulbs with green shoots coming out. Storing Garlic * Store in a cool dry location.

* Store in a paper bag. * Keep away from foods that may pick up the strong flavor. Peeling Guide * Peel away the outer papery skin with your fingers before separating the cloves from the bulb. * Use the flat side of a butcher knife to remove the skin from the individual cloves.

Press firmly with the flat side of a butcher knife on a clove to loosen the skin. Slicing and Dicing * Diced garlic is in easily accomplished after the skin is peeled away from the individual cloves. Simply lay the peeled clove on a cutting surface and using a rocking motion with a sharp chef's knife cut the clove into pieces. Then turn the clove and cut it into smaller pieces. * Minced garlic is best accomplished using a garlic press. When using a garlic press do not peel the skin from the garlic.

Place several garlic cloves in the press and press down squeezing the minced garlic out the other side of the press. * Sliced garlic is thin slices of garlic. A garlic mandoline is the easiest way to make garlic slices. Place the peeled garlic cloves in the mandoline holder and push from the top to the bottom. Uses for Diced, Minced and Sliced Garlic * Diced: this version is heartier than the other two. It is best used in soups, stews and in sautÚs.

* Minced: this version is more delicate than diced and burns easily. It is best used in light sauces, vinaigrettes and salad dressings. * Sliced: this version is light and delicate and gives a wonderful flavor. It is best used in sauces and with meat.


By: Shauna Hanus

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