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Find Out How to Build a Smoker

A great smoker can make a great meal, but a smoker does not have to be an expensive purchase. This device is not that complicated to build, and the directions on how to build a smoker are available from different sources. The process for smoking is basically creating a source of smoke and heat and sending these elements in the right directions and proportions. When someone is trying to find out how to build a smoker, they should first decide as much as possible how big a piece of meat they want to prepare. A smoker has two important sections necessary to accomplish the mission of smoking a piece of meat. One part of the smoker creates the heat which in turn brings smoke, and the other part keeps the meat heated and smoky with a controlled temperature.

The two major parts of a smoker are connected by smaller parts that conduct the flow of air to the compartment to smoke the meat. The amount of smoke must be controlled so the meat is tasty and tender. Too much smoke in the one compartment will give the meat a very nasty taste.

Those interested in how to build a smoker should make important decisions on their goals before taking further steps. The Components for a Smoker Might Be Close at Hand Once a person knows how to build a smoker, they can start looking for the parts that they need to accomplish the task. Some of the components could be available without handing out a lot cash at the hardware store. The person building the smoker needs two chambers for the perfect smoker. One chamber will create the smoke, and the other will hold the target food.

The two separate chambers could be made from two fifty-five gallon drums that are relatively inexpensive. The builder should place a grill inside the barrel that will hold the meat. The barrels need to have one hole in each so that the smoke can travel from the barrel with the fire and smoke to the barrel with the meat. The two holes need to be joined by flues so the smoke will move completely from one barrel to the other. Thermometers for controlling the temperature are available at the superstores or culinary stores.

The builder will have to add smokestacks and dampers to help control the smoke. Once a dedicated builder gets a few directions on how to build a smoker, their job could be concluded after just a few hours.

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