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Beyond Table Salt A Guide To Different Types Of Salt

It seems that there are so many different types of salts these days to choose from. You might have thought that salt is just salt, but nothing could be further from the truth! Here is a basic guide to the different types of salt.Table Salt and Iodized Table Salt.This is the type of salt that most of us use at home and the type that we find on most restaurant tables. Our basic table salt is made by sending water into salt deposits then evaporating it ? only the salt crystals will remain. The salt goes through a refining process that removes the other minerals from it.

Table salt has a fine grain texture which makes it ideal for baking ? it can accurately be measured. Iodine is not naturally in table salt ? Morton Salt Company started adding it back in 1924 to decrease the chance of goiters. The majority of table salt is iodized in the United States these days, and, indeed, the occurrence of goiters has gone down greatly!.

Kosher Salt.Kosher salt is made in a similar fashion to table salt ? the difference is that kosher salt is raked during the evaporation process. This type of coarse salt is generally evaporated from brine. This creates grains with a block-structure, this structure better allows the salt crystals to absorb blood (Jewish law states that you must extract blood from meat before you consume it). Kosher salt is less salty than table salt.

Sea Salt.Sea salt is harvested by evaporation, also. Sea salt is not quite as salty as table salt is. You can find both fine grain and coarse grain sea salt.

Many sea salts include trace minerals like potassium, magnesium, and iodine ? these minerals are naturally present, not added.Fleur De Sel.This is a type of sea salt ? to harvest fleur de sel, you must take the early crystals that start to form across the surface of salt evaporation ponds ? this is generally done during the summer months, the time when the sun is strongest.

Fleur de sels have a higher mineral content than basic table salt. Fleur de sels can smell like the ocean, and it tends to be grayish in color. Other types of sea salts include sel gris, esprit du sel, and pink, black, and brown sea salts from India.Rock Salt.As its name implies, rock salt is not fine-grained.

In fact, rock salt is unrefined and therefore has a grayish hue. It is sold in large crystals. This is what people use to make ice cream in traditional hand-cranked ice cream makers.

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